1. Creativity in a commercial environment

    When developing marketable products, designers and marketers have to navigate the wide terrain between creative quality and economic feasibility. The challenging task is to synchronise the creative approach and the commercial management in order to optimize the customer experience.

    The Fashion Practice Academy Berlin has been founded to introduce current scientific approaches and tools with direct practical applicability for Students and Professionals in the fashion industry.

  2. About you...

    You appreciate the value of linking authentically and convincingly an inspiration or concept to a marketable product. As a commercial decision-maker, a designer or a student, you know it is crucial to adapt the essence of an idea to the requirements of the respective target group during all development stages but always retain authenticity.

    You are looking for:

    • CONSULTATION to optimise or expand your product range,
    • SUPPORT to establish a team, set up an organisational structure or on the latest issues of business management,
    • MENTORING or COACHING to help you, your team members or students in personal development planning, career choices and professional processes.
  3. About me...

    I see myself as a sparring partner and guide to the alliance of creative design and implementation.

    Design feasibility in commercial systems has been a focus of my professional work for over 25 years. As a fashion designer, I know the demands of target group-oriented design concepts; as a management expert, I see the need for corporate control. My work in various management positions has taught me how to profitably synchronise creative and economic interests. I would be delighted to share my rich experience with you.

    Detailed information on my areas of expertise can be found here:

  4. About us...

    Lectures, seminars or individual guidance – please contact me for a non-comittal discussion about the best way to support you.

    Hands-on, confidential and honest!

  5. Feedback...

    … on the workshop ‘Creative identity in commercial environments – how much design is too much design?’:

    „[…] the workshop was the highlight of the semester for me! I would love it if you could hold presentations for us more often“. – Sandra Oberoi, Student of Industrial Design at Masterstudio Design, Basel, Switzerland

    „[…] your workshop unusually generated unanimous positive reactions. Both, your wealth of professional experience and practicality both played a major role in students‘ feedback. They were also impressed by your ability to present the content in a way that was not merely understandable, but also fascinating and which motivated them to collaborate“. – Prof. Dr. Regine Halter, Academy of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland

    … on a series of lectures on the issue of ‘creativity and commerce’ in the field of fashion design:

    „[…] the audience was enthralled by your professionalism and expertise […]. The presentation format and content, but most of all your very personal and motivational character, made your lectures extremely compelling…“ – Martina Vogt, head of Fashion Design department, Lette-Verein, Berlin, Germany

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